How much is it to record?

This is dependent upon what you want to accomplish and the flexibility in your schedule. We have multiple engineers all priced to meet your ideal budget.

Please contact our booking manager Jonny (Sam@thepandastudios.com), or fill out the form on our Booking page.

When to book? 

For longer sessions (Full Lengths / 10 or more days) we recommend booking your session roughly 3-6 months in advance. Shorter sessions (Singles, EP's / Mixing) can be easily booked with less advance time.

Please contact Sam@thepandastudios.com to accurately plan and book a session in advance!

Where is the studio located?

We are located in Fremont, California at 3657 Edison Way, Unit 4, 94538.

* Please do not drop by the studio early or without an appointment.


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Where can I park my car / van & trailer?

There is ample street parking for all vehicles.

What are the hours of operation at The Panda Studios?

The Panda Studios is a fully soundproofed studio that can operate 24 hours a day. Please tell us what times work best for your schedule.

Does The Panda Studios offer sleeping accommodations?

Yes! We feature bunk beds and a shower for your convenience.

Can I bring my own engineer for my sessions?

Yes, you can. To ensure they are qualified and comfortable to operate the studio on their own, we charge an additional $250 on the first day for a Panda engineer to be present. It is an additonal $150 each day to have a Panda engineer present and available for assistance. 

What equipment featured on your site is available for use?

Everything listed on the website is available for use at no additional charge. However, you should plan to bring new strings, drum heads, drum hardware, cables, etc. to ensure that you have everything you need to operate the gear at its full potential.

Can we all play live in the studio?

Yes! We can isolate the guitars and bass in our isolation room, or run them live in the same room.

Do you do mastering?

Yes we do.

Do you do voiceovers, video editing, music for film or radio spots?

The Panda Studios is best known and geared towards recording performance-based music sessions. However, we love to do any work with audio and would love to hear from other types of artists / media!

Please contact Sam@thepandastudios.com to book a session!

Do you have beats?

We have a large selections of drum kits, drum tracks, samples, keyboard, synths, etc., but building up those tracks into beats takes a lot of time and creativity so please plan accordingly.

How long will it take to record my album?

A prepared group can record, mix, & master an album / EP in a few days. The time it takes to record a project is highly determined by your expectations and skill level. We designed the Recording / Mixing / Mastering package to guarantee your album will be completed to our level of expertise, and your level of satisfaction.

Can we get a tour of the studio?

Yes*! Please e-mail Sam@thepandastudios.com, or call 510.686.3844 and leave a message. We ask that you are seriously considering booking time at The Panda Studios.

* Please do not drop by the studio early or without an appointment.

Can we come in early, or the night before to set up?

No. Sessions begin at the agreed upon time. Much of the engineering work begins during set up, so we charge for this time.

What can we do to prepare for our recording session?

Please read our Studio Preparation guideline and contact Sam@thepandastudios.com to get in touch with your engineer to answer any questions you have before your start date.

What is an "engineer"?

An engineer is someone that is educated and qualified to operate the recording equipment in the studio and accommodate the requests of the artist.

Are you currently accepting interns?

We are not currently accepting interns. However, if interested please feel free to email your resume to Sam@thepandastudios.com and we will review and keep your information on file for future intership openings.

When / How do I pay?

We require a 50% deposit of the total cost to book a recording session. The balance will be collected upon your arrival at The Panda Studios.

For mixing / mastering sessions, 100% payment must be made in full before or on the start date.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, Check, Paypal, & Money Orders.