Studio Prep

Studio Preparation for Recording


You need to have a clear understanding of your ideas, and have them well rehearsed before entering the studio. Establish the tempos to each of your songs using a metronome.  If your songs change tempos multiple times, THATS OK!!! Just make note of all the metronome BPM's. Preparing to record to a metronome with ensure all musicians will be comfortable performing in the studio. This will save you time and money



Great sounds start at the source. The better your equipment sounds, the better the sound of the recording. If you are unhappy with your equipment, we have instruments and gear available for you to use (check our gear page). Regardless, we encourage you to bring your gear, or even try to borrow / rent better replacements from some friends. If you are planning on using our gear, please specify before your session so we can ensure it is in proper condition for your recording.


Guitar / Bass

Put new strings on your instrument, and take it to a local guitar shop to have it properly intonated to the tuning of your songs. The intonation of your instrument is the most important aspect to getting good sounds. If you need help locating a qualified technician, contact us and we'll be happy to help you locate one!



Replace your drumkit with brand new batter and resonant (top & bottom) drum heads. Bring A LOT of drum sticks. Fix any squeaks in pedals, throne, stands, etc with WD40. Make sure you give your cymbals a nice wipe down cleaning, and be sure to replace any cracked cymbals. We DO NOT have cymbals for you to use, so please make proper arrangements. 



Eat healthy foods, Drink plenty of water, Avoid Dairy and Nut Products, and please type the lyrics to the songs that you plan to record. This makes your engineers job easier as they can follow along while recording vocals and make sure that every word is sung crystal clear.