The Studios


Panda West

Panda West is the main studio at the Panda, consisting of the largest live room. Centered around an Avid HD I/O interface and Pro Tools HD software, the control room has the largest selection of outboard gear to use for tracking and mixing. Both the live room and control room are professionally treated acoustically. Panda West is the home of The Waiting Room sessions. 

Panda East

Panda East is the little brother of West and mirrors its Avid Pro Tools HD rig and HD I/O interface, as well as its suite of industry standard plugins. Perfect for both mixing and tracking, East can record 16 simultaneous channels of audio through 16 premium preamps. The live room is large enough for a full band and has been built acoustically from the ground up to sound great for any source. Panda East is the home of The Panda East Sessions.

Editing Suite

A new addition at the Panda is a third fully functioning rig centered around an Apogee Duet interface, Pro Tools 12.6 software and Genelec speakers. We use this space for working one on one with artists or band members, outlining or pre-producing tracks to be recorded, recording demos, editing tracks,  and performing basic mixing work.

Warehouse / Chamber

Located near the editing suite is a garage area used for repairing gear and instruments, building gear, setting up guitars, changing strings, performing maintenance on instruments and amps, and storing gear. 



The Panda Studios feature two functioning bedrooms for artists to use should they require and pay for lodging - one in East with four bunks and one in West with six bunks, a dresser and a widescreen television.


At the Panda we have a fully functioning kitchenette complete with fridge, freezer, cupboard space, dishes, cups, pans, fresh water dispenser, coffee maker, and Faberware stove burner. Feel free to use this space to store your groceries and cook food 24 hours a day during your time recording.


At Panda there is a bathroom in East as well as one in West that features a shower for artists' convenience. Towels are washed often.

Workplace Standards

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard in regards to cleanliness here at the Panda - dishes are washed regularly, rooms are cleaned every day, towels and sheets are washed often and trash/recycling service comes every week. Our team of interns, our engineer and in-house production assistant keep on top of all aspects of the Panda every day to keep it a comfortable and creative space to work in, so that artists can focus on the business of making music.


Located in Fremont, CA, the Panda is close to all of the luxuries of the suburbs - coffee shops such as Peet's Coffee and restaurants like Chipotle are all minutes away. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are a short drive away. In the square quarter-mile surrounding the studio there is a Starbucks, Quiznos, Pita restaurant, Walmart, 24 Hour Fitness, Home Depot, and soon to be the newest BART station for easy transport to Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and anywhere else in the Bay you would like to visit during your time here.


There is parking directly in front of the Panda as well as ample street parking.